Metzeler me880

販売価格 価格 $362.00 通常価格 単価  あたり 


Full handmade ring

Metzeler me880 pattern 


material: Silver 925

Width: depend on size

~8mm for female ring

~10mm  for male ring

Can be personalised with inside engraving, stones  or fabricated with your design  

The silver ring has a silvery white color. Can be plated with black rhodium as an option.

Fabrication takes about 4 weeks. Since this is handmade and it is done in free time from the main work. Fabrication can take from 4 to 20 weeks depending on the complexity of the rings, the number of rings in one order and my total load

lot for one ring. the photos show examples of how a ring with customization can look like in a pair.

if you need a ring for a wedding or cpecial date and have any questions please contact  me before ordering!



Best regards.